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komodopiss [userpic]
by komodopiss (komodopiss)
at December 16th, 2014 (01:39 pm)

Hey all. I joined because I really would like to see more about natural hair and I thought my first post should be a helpful tip:

I have natural hair but I keep it straightened - I get it straightened about once a month or once a month and a half. It's pretty hard to do that and keep my hair moisturized but last week I stumbled upon a product called Bonacure Moisture Kick Balm or whatever and I've been applying it to my hair every other day - no reversion and oh my god my hair is actually soft! Even if you don't straighten your hair, I reccommend it! My hair gets dry really easily and even when I would apply water it would make no real difference by the time it dried up on my hair.

It was about $16 at my beauty supply - you may be able to find it cheaper online.

첼니 ♥ [userpic]
How to do and maintain locs? Any tips?
by 첼니 ♥ (151pkmn)
at April 4th, 2014 (09:16 pm)

Hello there.

My hair is natural and I'm thinking about doing dreadlocks but I don't want to go to a hair salon because it's expensive. My sister volunteered to do dreadlocks for me. I want to use extensions to start because my hair is short and I want it armpit to bra strap length. Also, I want to start my dreadlocks with the extensions from the roots.

I need to know how to do it step by step. I didn't find any good locs tutorial videos on YouTube. :( I also want to know what are the best shampoos, conditioners and oils/moisturizers(?) especially for dreadlocks.

Contact me on Twitter (@Chelny) or post a comment below if you have any tip.

lougenessis [userpic]
Your opinions needed
by lougenessis (lougenessis)
at February 2nd, 2014 (05:42 pm)

Do you think this is too much hair shedding after wash, conditioner and style? I always wondered compared to others, is this too much. The truth is is that my hair always heavily sheds, when manipulated, even when permed. Though there seems to be a lot (a palm full) I always had a head full of medium length hair. Just a thought, maybe this is the reason why my hair doesn't grow any longer, shedding hair? Anyway, everybody knows I have tightly tightly coiled hair, so maybe that's the reason. Who knows. Back to the question, does anyone else have heavy shedding hair when washed or manipulated and do you think mine is too much and if so, any remedies. BTW, I do have naturally brown hair. Thanks for your help and opinions. photo

Melissa [userpic]
by Melissa (roseofjuly)
at July 2nd, 2013 (05:27 pm)

Anyone just ever have a really bad natural day?  I'm transitioning and am 10 months into it, and today I did a stretched braid out on dry hair.  But the humidity in NYC is 66% and within 3 hours, the waves had pretty much fallen.  By 4 pm, I looked like a hot mess and was avoiding mirrors.  Worse, I had to go to a reception before I left school.  :smh:  I've just been trying to go with the flow and not get too upset (in addition to buying anti-humidity products like crazy) but it's really difficult!

lougenessis [userpic]
It Is What It Is
by lougenessis (lougenessis)
at June 27th, 2013 (07:58 pm)

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current song: Celebration Kool and the Gang

I'm will never have those loose spiral curls other naturals have, no matter how much I wish or what products I use. I will only have what I have, dense, tight, tiney coils. Nothing will change this and after almost 4yrs being natural, I have now embraced them and grown to love them. It is what it is and it's what I am. It's me. me1

goddessunthesun [userpic]
Natural Hair Care
by goddessunthesun (goddessunthesun)
at April 10th, 2013 (09:43 am)

Originally posted by goddessunthesun at Natural Hair Care

I'm new to this site and I was very glad to find it. Although not many people post regularly, I hope to make a post at least on my off days. Hair is my life along with web design. For whatever reason we are here let's talk about hair or life.

amore_sottile [userpic]
OTT questions but...any other black female communities on LJ?
by amore_sottile (amore_sottile)
at February 5th, 2013 (03:02 pm)

I know this question is random as hail, but I'm always annoyed at the lack of popular black communities on lj. I know they're a few key ones, but most of the other ones haven't been updated in years. I was wondering outside of this comm. is there any other specific black female communities that involve black female icons/gifs, black female topics, etc? I was having a hard time tryna find black female stock icons/gifs that aren't of a popular black celebs like Beyonce, lol.

This community is a good place to socialize and talk about natural hair and transitioning, but I wish they're was more out there for us. I know online they're black female forums like "Lipstick Alley" and gossip blogs, but LJ seems to be lacking in that department. It's a shame because I would love more of a commentary of black women and different issues and topics regarding our lives.

The Kink That Winked [userpic]
Have You Guys Heard About This?
by The Kink That Winked (kinkthatwinked)
at December 13th, 2012 (07:18 pm)


Apparently, a woman was fired from her job for defending her natural hair on Facebook.  KTBS meteorologist Rhonda Lee allegedly violated some unwritten company guidelines by responding to a fan's online complaint about her 'do.

There's a petition going to help her get her job back, and it looks like it already has about 6,000 signatures.  I don't know about you, but I'm signing it, too.

lougenessis [userpic]
I Thought This Was Cute
by lougenessis (lougenessis)
at November 18th, 2012 (03:15 pm)

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My sister gave me this on Facebook and I thought my natural friends would appreciate it too.hair

SharpieToday [userpic]
by SharpieToday (sharpietoday)
at October 20th, 2012 (12:15 pm)

current mood: chipper

I made Icons of Mae of Natural Chica, I thought I would share them, since there is a lot more natural hair users/appreciators here. 
I messed around the positions of the icons to provide more variety.   
If you use them you can credit me. It would be cool if you do. Feedback is good too :]

You can view the rest of the 30 icons here

Kitana, the deliverer of punches to the face [userpic]
wee, questions!
by Kitana, the deliverer of punches to the face (kitanabychoice)
at August 21st, 2012 (11:50 am)
current song: The Organ - Sinking Hearts

Hey all!

I haven't posted here in a while but I've been sitting on some questions/thoughts and I think I'm overdue for some input, lol. In working with my hair the past couple of months, I've run into a couple of things:

- How do you tell if your hair is moisturized and soft? I seem to have a skewed expectation of my hair -- my boyfriend always squishes my afro and tells me it's soft and that he likes touching it, but when I touch it, it just feels dry to me. Endlessly dry, in fact. It only feels moderately soft after I've spritzed it with water or just finished styling it.

- Curlformers -- has anyone used them, and if so, how did it work out for you? I've been reading reviews but one thing I'm still wary about is that they use some kind of hook -- how is that not a recipe for disaster on tightly coiled hair? :\

- Third thing! Is it better to cut hair straight or normal? I've found that I have a section of hair that's several inches longer than another section (the last time I had kinky twists I think the stylist cut some of my hair when taking them out) and I'm thinking the only way to correct this is to trim everything down to the same size.

Thanks in advance for any answers/advice!

Almost Famous [userpic]
by Almost Famous (softspokenmami)
at August 19th, 2012 (09:12 pm)

When I straighten my hair, the ends are frizzy by the end of the day. I don't know if it's the heat...I feel like my hair is extremely soft; so it's not really holding whatever the flatiron calls itself doing. What're you guys using to combat the frizz and/or to hold a flat iron and curling iron style?

lougenessis [userpic]
by lougenessis (lougenessis)
at August 4th, 2012 (01:31 pm)

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Have you seen the new issue of Oprah? Let's see how many more may jump on our bandwagon!


chattybadtz [userpic]
Love my curls
by chattybadtz (chattybadtz)
at July 25th, 2012 (10:15 pm)

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lougenessis [userpic]
It'll Get Better....I Think
by lougenessis (lougenessis)
at July 24th, 2012 (07:06 pm)

So, I did the 2 strand twists about a week ago. I washed an conditioned my hair and used a leave in and then did the twists with the aid of Donna Marie Curling Gelly. I said what the hell, it's here, it's a gel, let's see what will happen. I took the twists out after almost a week, slowly with some moisturizer Sunday evening and all I can say, practice makes perfect. It could be better, I could've made the twist larger or medium sized. We'll see next time. The good thing about it is, that it gets better each day. I like it.012

lougenessis [userpic]
Trying Something New
by lougenessis (lougenessis)
at July 12th, 2012 (01:59 pm)
current location: at work

Now that I'm natural, I'm trying to do things for myself and not be dependent on others for my hair care needs. This weekend I'm going to try something new. I've done the coils a few times, this time I'm going to try the two strand twist. I looked at the tutorials on Youtube and I thought maybe I'll be able to do it. But what really seems hard is doing the back area. But I'm going to do my best and try. Fingers crossed. I I'd like to ask my fellow naturals, "What product (s) do you use to help hold your strands together?". On the "tube" many make their own concoctions, some use creams, some use curling puddings and the big thing now is going back to when we were little girls and Momma just used grease and water. It was good then, why not now....right? Something to think about huh. So fellow naturals, what products do you use for your two strand twist?

lougenessis [userpic]
by lougenessis (lougenessis)
at March 20th, 2012 (06:51 pm)

Presenting my first official all the way on the top of my head AFRO PUFF! All right now. lol

Linda [userpic]
Carol's Daughter and Beeswax for Locs?
by Linda (lovelylind)
at March 14th, 2012 (11:29 pm)

current mood: curious

Hi Everyone! Today, my (recently natural) sister and I went into the Carol's Daughter store at the local mall. Although I had been natural for a decade now, I had never used CD before. As one would expect, the saleswomen were really selling the products well. I was interested in getting a couple products for my dry (really dry) locs.

I looked at the list of ingredients and noticed that they don't use all natural products. I've somewhat heard of CD changing their formulas in the last few years, but I just wanted to confirm with you guys. Aside from that, what has been your experience with CD products?

Another ingredient I saw in one of the products was beeswax. When I first started my locs, I was told that beeswax on locs is a no-no. Is that so? Inquiring minds want to know!


lougenessis [userpic]
Yay! Viola!
by lougenessis (lougenessis)
at February 27th, 2012 (11:36 am)
current location: at work

I see Ms Viola Davis came to the Oscars sans wig and was looking good. Makes you kinda proud, don't it.

belle_noire20 [userpic]
Adding Essential Oils
by belle_noire20 (belle_noire20)
at January 27th, 2012 (10:59 am)

current mood: curious

So I've found a product for my hair that has been working pretty well; it's making my natural hair grow stronger, and it's breaking much less than before. And also, for a while I've been looking through different sources saying that essential oils can also be good for your hair.

I was wondering if anyone had tried adding essential oils to a product that you liked and if it helped your hair growth at all.

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